Javascript get firefox version

javascript get firefox version

For versions prior to Firefox 5, see the old JavaScript versions. Get the latest and greatest from MDN delivered straight to your. "Mozilla" is the application code name for both Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, and Opera. The appVersion property returns version information about the browser: Different browsers can use the same name; The navigator data can be. There is basically three major browsers (IE, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) and I will cover each The JavaScript that will detect the browser will use navigator object. The difficulty, frustration, and expense of developing and debugging the same functionality twice for different DOMs has led web developers to call on all browser vendors to fully support the W3C DOM so that web developers can write once and run. Copyright by Refsnes Data. RenaudBlue 9 Javascript get firefox version you kidding me? Maybe some day, Google, W3. By the way there are many legitimate reasons to need to detect browsers, for example needing to display a warning message like 'Firefox is not supported' on a large internal company site that was built for IE long ago and no one thinks it is cost effective to do anything further than that on but you need to let users know so they are not frustrated by errors while attempting to use it. Online play casino games them; it only takes a minute:

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Using the new operator in this way was never officially supported and was not widely done, so it's unlikely that this change affects you. Support for sharp variables a Netscape non-standard extension has been dropped. Non-standard initializer expressions in for For a long time I have used the alternative: This sample code enables you to detect the browser's vendor, version number, and operating system. In the past, it was possible to use the new operator on several built-in functions eval, parseInt, Date.


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